The Future of

When I first started working on an NBA stats website it was for two primary reasons: to be able to easily look up stats I wanted to look up that were not easy to find elsewhere and to improve my own software development skills. I built a website with one user in mind - myself. Over the last year I have stopped following basketball as seriously as I used to, so the amount of time I’m willing to spend building and maintaining the site has dropped significantly. I’m a believer in making information accessible to everyone. I think it is bad for the overall level of discussion and research when some people have access to “better”, more detailed stats than others. Based on the page view counts and the number of supporters on Patreon it is clear that many people use the site regularly and find it useful. For that reason, and because there is very little work I need to do on a day-to-day basis to keep the stats up to date, the site will remain up for NBA and WNBA stats for the time being. However, this does mean that:

  • No new features will be added to the site.
  • I may be slower to fix issues with games that have issues parsing the raw play-by-play data.
  • If there is ever a change to the data format from the source data from the NBA site that requires major work from me, I will probably stop maintaining the site.

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