My Favourite Features on

I didn’t really have a plan when I started building other than to make it easier to find stats that either weren’t available anywhere or weren’t easy to find on other sites. The site has been up for almost two years and here are the features I am most proud of.

  • Wowy Combinations [On/Off –» Wowy Combinations]. I think this is the only place where you can get net ratings for all on/off permutations for a group of players. It’s a great starting point for a deeper dive.

  • Filtering wowy stats for games in which a player does/doesn’t play [On/Off –» Wowy –» Select “Played In Game” or “Did Not Play In Game” for filter from dropdown]. A popular stat to cite is how the Warriors have done with Curry on the floor and Durant off the floor. This allows you to split those stats up by games Durant played and wasn’t on the floor and games Durant didn’t play .

  • Pace/Efficiency Summary by Team [Summary Tables –» Pace/Efficiency]. Credit to inpredictable for having this years ago. This is just a more detailed version of it.

  • Stats by Possession Start Type [Totals –» Team or Opponent –» Select from “Possession Start Type Dropdown”]. Get all detailed stats for all teams by possession start type.

  • Stats by Starter State [Totals –» Player, Team or Opponent –» Select from “Starter State Dropdown”]. Get all detailed stats based on how many starters were on the floor for each team. Starters are defined on a game-by-game basis.

  • Team Score Margin Frequency Charts [Visualizations –» Team Score Margin Frequencies]. Graphing the percentage of possessions a team played at each score margin.

  • WNBA and G-League stats [Select wnba or gleague from dropdown in top left]. Thanks to the NBA Stats API having the same play-by-play data format for G-League and WNBA data, it’s easy to have all the same stats for all leagues. This makes the only place to find a lot of these stats for the G-League and WNBA.

  • Splitting up rebounds by shot type. When you see how big the difference can be between offensive rebounding rate on missed 2s and missed 3s, you will see that shot location plays a role in total offensive rebounding rate. That’s why I like to split up rebounds by shot zone for a more complete picture of rebounding. Here is an extreme example.

  • Aggregating across multiple seasons. I’m not aware of an easy way to get aggregate stats for multiple seasons on other major sites.

I could keep going but then I would be listing nearly all the features on the site.

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