I felt there were a lot of basketball stats that were easy to calculate from play-by-play data and but not readily available. In my opinion a lot of these stats were also more applicable than the stats that were easy to find so I decided to make a website to solve that problem. Since the play-by-play data on the NBA Stats website is the same format as on the WNBA and G-League website I was able to easily include WNBA and G-League stats on the site as well.

The main purpose of the site for me is to use it as a way to improve my own programming skills and to be able to easily find the stats I want. Maximizing page views and how many people use the site is not something I care about, I’m fine if I’m the only person who uses the site. The backend is all written in Python with the API built using FastAPI . The front end is built using VueJS . The API is publicly available and the docmentation can be found here .

pbpstats python package

The building blocks for all the stats on . See documentation for more.

PBP Stats Tracking

An extension of . I merged some of the tracking stats from the NBA site with play-by-play data and formatted them in ways that the NBA site does not easily make available. I also experimented with creating a tool to manually track some stats.

NBA tracking stats python package

A package to simplify working with NBA player tracking stats from NBA Advanced Stats . See documentation for more.

World Athletics Points Calculator

A simple app to calculate World Athletics rankings points. Points scored are used for Olympic and World Championship qualifying and from what I could tell the only way for someone to calculate points was by looking it up in PDF tables.