What I Read or Listened to This Week

Western Canada Trip

Day 1 - Calgary - Revelstoke Went to Patterson Hill. Walked around downtown and the path along the Bow river for a bit. Walked/ran for 90 minutes in Nose Hill Park in the rain. Drove to Revelstoke. Downtown Calgary from Nose Hill Park in the rain Day 2 - Revelstoke - Burnaby Woke up super early because my body was still on Eastern time. Walked around Revelstoke and along the Columbia River for 2 hours. [Read More]

PBPStats API Code Examples

In addition to documentation I believe that real code examples are important for making APIs more accessible easier to use. That’s why I created a repository of Jupyter notebooks with Python code examples for every endpoint of the PBPStats API.

What I Read or Listened to This Week

Big Tech is Ready to ‘Transform’ Food Systems, but for whose Benefit? Cars are inefficient and destructive. We can no longer afford to give them so much public space Everyone Sees Something Different On Delta’s New Face Recognition Airport Display - Yet another example of “Every future imagined by a tech company is worse than the previous iteration” Electric Cars Won’t Save Us - “The current system of technological innovation does not reward tech that is most useful but tech that combines profit with industrial economies of scale. [Read More]